BEAST’s Hyunseung to Reenact Do Min Joon from “Man from the Stars”

Hyunseung of popular boy group BEAST will try his hand at acting out a famous scene from the hit drama “Man from the Stars” on BEAST’s variety show “Showtime – Burning the BEAST“. 

On the episode set to air on July 10, Hyunseung was asked by a fan to reenact the famous monologue scene of Do Min Joon (played by Kim Soo Hyun in the drama) from “Man from the Stars.” Hyunseung had declared his love for the drama multiple times through his social media sites before. He was at first hesitant, saying, “You need to have really good acting skills to do that scene.” 

Curious whether Hyunseung really pulled off the iconic scene from “Man from the Stars”? Check out this week’s episode of BEAST’s “Showtime”, which will air on July 10.