San E Tells Radio DJ: “Performing with Raina Makes Me Happy”

Rap star San E has confessed to a radio DJ that appearing with After School member Raina makes him feel “happy.” The duo recently had a massive hit with the collaboration, “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness,” and performed together on a variety of music shows to promote the song.

Speaking on KBS Cool FM on June 9, DJ Jang Dong Min explained, “We contacted San E with the intention of asking him to appear as a guest on our radio show. But before we could even ask him about that, he told us ‘Yes, I will be on the show with Raina.’ And he also told us, ‘I am happy to appear with Raina.’”

To this, the DJ asked him, “Aren’t you worried about causing a scandal?” San E then reportedly answered, jokingly, “Quick! Go ahead and write an article about it!” 

The stars have denied any romantic involvement, with Raina previously telling another radio station that San E is “not her style.” 

Midsummer Nights Sweetness