“Superstar K5” Runner-Up Park Si Hwan Closes His Agency 5 Days After Announcing Its Open

Superstar K5” runner-up Park Si Hwan, just five days after announcing his own private entertainment company, turned around and announced that he wouldn’t be moving forward with the company.

This past April, Park Si Hwan released his first album with CJ E&M. However, he parted ways with the agency after just two months. He announced on his Twitter on June 17: “It’s already been two months since I debuted as a rookie singer. I’m starting fresh now. I want to say thank you to the fans and CJ E&M, who made me into a singer.”

“I’m currently working on new music with some impressive composers. There are a lot of really talented people helping me. With a happy heart I want to say.. keep an eye out for Park Si Hwan Company.”

Suddenly however, five days later, the “Superstar K5” contestant said something completely different. On June 22, he posted on his Twitter, “First of all, I want to apologize in advance for this situation…this is my last day with those that were working with me. They gave me a lot of help with no return, and now, going our separate ways, I wish them the best,” announcing that he would be closing his venture.

On July 9, CJ E&M said to TV Report, “We parted with Park Si Hwan at the end of May. Respecting his wishes, we supported him in his endeavors to create his own private agency. We even spoke of working together again if the opportunity arose. After he started working towards setting up his agency, however, we had no idea of what he was up to.”