Lee Seung Chul to Sing with North Korean Defectors for Korea’s Independence Day

Singer Lee Seung Chul will sing a unification song with North Korean young adults for Korea’s Independence Day (August 15) on Dokdo Island. He is currently practicing with the 55 members of the choir, all in their twenties and thirties, to sing two songs for the event. 

“I started to think that hope is very important after teaching different choirs and volunteering in Africa. I think songs can spread hope like nothing else,” Lee Seung Chul explained to Chosun Ilbo. “It is my dream to lead this ensemble to sing for peace at symbolic places like the UN and the DMZ. We are actually working with non-profit organizations to perform at the International NGO conference that is hosted by the UN on August 26.” 

The choir, called With-U, had reached out to the singer in March, explaining their desire to change the negative image North Korean defectors have and to lend their voices for unification. They believed that unification would be the first step to reconciling North and South Korean differences. These young adults felt a connection to Dokdo Island (which means “Solitary Island”) because they were considered betrayers by North Koreans and looked down upon by South Koreans, set apart from both countries. However, they have hope that they can be a stepping stone to unification.

The event will be called “ON(One Nation) Campaign.” Lee Seung Chul and With-U will sing two songs at the event on August 15, “That Day” and “Arirang.” “That Day” is a new song produced by Lee Seung Chul, with English lyrics by producers 2LSON. The song will be released on music sites sometime in September, with profits going to organizations that help refugees.