M!Countdown 07.10.14 : “Girls Girls Girls” Special

Today’s M!Countdown was a special themed episode featuring performances of female singers!

Check out performances by girl groups T-ara, A Pink, AOA, Ladies’ Code, Orange Caramel, Rainbow Blaxx, and BESTie. Solo stages were also performed by Jiyeon, Hyomin, Gain, G.NA and Sunmi.

T-Ara – “Number 9”, Jiyeon – “Never Ever”, Hyomin – “Nice Body”

A Pink – “No No No” & “Mr. Chu”

Gain – “Truth or Dare”

G.NA – “Pretty Lingerie”

Sunmi – “Full Moon”

AOA – “Mini Skirt” & “Short Hair”

Ladies’ Code – “Pretty Pretty”

Orange Caramel – “Catallena”

Rainbow Blaxx – “Cha Cha”

BESTie – “That You Very Much”