“Roommate” Stars Heading to Japan for Anniversary Special?

A selection of the celebrities taking part in SBS reality show “Roommate” will be heading to Japan for an international section of the show, according to an article published by news outlet Osen.

In the story, Osen quotes an unnamed celebrity news insider who says, “Lee Dong Wook, Shin Sung Woo, Seo Kang Jun, Park Min Woo and Song Ga Yeon will be traveling to Japan on July 12 to take part in an international house sharing excursion.”

The source says that the decision to choose Japan as a destination would become clear when the program in question was aired, but that “it has nothing to do with 2NE1’s Japanese tour,” referring to one of the “Roommates” who seems not to be travelling with the rest of the group, Park Bom. A storm continues to rage in the Korean media over an alleged drugs smuggling case, which has already disrupted the Park Bom’s participation in the show

According to the insider, the celebrities will remain in Japan for a total of three days, spending two nights in the country, and the event is being organized to celebrate “Roommate’s” 100 day anniversary. 

“Roommate” airs on SBS on Sundays at 4:15pm Korean time.