“Reset” Releases Its Intense Second Poster

OCN‘s upcoming drama “Reset” released its second poster prominently featuring its lead actress Kim So Hyun

“Reset” is a thriller drama about a mind battle between a merciless attorney and an unknown criminal. Along with Kim So Hyun, “Reset” stars Chun Jung Myung in the lead role. The drama also boasts a stellar supporting cast, which includes Park Won Sang and Shin Eun Jung

Kim So Hyun will be playing two characters: a high school student who ends up becoming involved in a crime and the dead first love of Chun Jung Myung’s character. 

It’s hard to believe that Kim So Hyun is only 15 in Western age from the maturity she exudes in the poster and the teaser still released. 

“Reset” is currently shooting, and it will premier on August 11 on cable channel OCN. 

reset poster