[Update #2] Kang Ji Hwan’s Agency Confirms and Offers Explanation for the Bed Photos

Update #2:

The guide’s wife posts an apology on her Facebook status.

kang ji hwan 2


E-Daily reveals that Mr.K is Kang Ji Hwan. His agency representative stated, “He went to the Philippines for his photo shoot with magazine ‘Sure.’ The female inside the photos is his guide’s wife. The photos were taken on the evening of July 10 and it was uploaded this morning. Kang Ji Hwan’s really close with the guide and became close with his wife. She just posted it up for fun. She feels very sorry about what happened and said she’ll update her status on Facebook in regards to this situation.”

A female in the Philippines recently uploaded several photos she took in bed with a man on her Facebook page, with the caption “.. together sleep with Korean actor mr. —”

The photos are quickly spreading like wildfire, circulating amongst Korean citizens via mobile messenger apps and on various blogs.

According to a media outlet, Mr.K’s agency confirmed that their top actor indeed flew to the Philippines for a scheduled activity and have admitted that he is the man in the photos. The agency representative also revealed that the female is the wife of his guide during the scheduled trip and that she took the photo where there were many people present so people shouldn’t make assumptions, and that she just uploaded it for fun.