g.o.d. Sing a Message of Hope in “The Story of Our Lives” Music Video

First generation idol group g.0.d is doing no wrong when it comes to their comeback. The group released the music video for their latest hit, “The Story of Our Lives,” through their official YouTube channel. 

“The Story of Our Lives,” the lead track from their eighth album “Chapter 8,” has stormed to the top of the Korean music charts mere hours after its release. The song also features the vocals of rookie singer Megan Lee, who debuted this year. The group stays true to their original style with a mid-tempo ballad about family and social issues. 

The music video follows the members of typical Korean nuclear family and the pain struggle each members goes through. To fans of g.o.d, the song will be like a mature follow up to the group’s 1998 hit, “To My Mother.”