Hyungdon & Daejun Drop Amusing “Park You” Teaser

Hip hop duo Hyungdon & Daejun have uploaded a teaser video ahead of the upcoming release of their comeback single, “Park You.” The track, the group’s first new material since February last year, is set to drop at noon on July 14.

Hyungdon & Daejun is comprised of television comedians and entertainers Jung Hyung Don and Defconn. So far, they have mustered a total of five music releases since they debuted in mid-2012 with the song, “Olympic Expressway.” The stars are known to be close friends, and also co-present the MBC Every1 show, “Weekly Idol.”

In the video, the stars pose and dance with outdated cellphones, wearing humorous sweatshirts emblazoned with the logos “Mother” and “Father.” Although viewers are not treated to a taste of the song itself, a short burst of what may be the instrumental backing track for “Park You” is featured, and it seems that duo will be sticking to their preferred genre, as a hip hop beat can clearly be heard.

Hyungdon & Daejun Teaser Image

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