Lee Min Jung: “Lee Byung Hun Is a Wonderful Husband”

Actress Lee Min Jung has shared her thoughts on becoming a married woman and living together with actor Lee Byung Hun.

On the latest episode of SBS’ “One Night of TV Entertainment,” the actress discussed her career as well as her reflections on the past year.

Regarding her life as a married lady, she said, “Seems like I prepared a lot [for marriage]. I thought my daily life would change a lot, but actually it has not.”

When asked what kind of husband Lee Byung Hun is, she replied, “Wonderful. I told him that I’ll be having an interview today, and he told me to praise him a lot. He told me not to reveal any negative things or disappointments.”

“Now that the weather has gotten hotter, I am trying to take good care of him on the hottest days,” the actress added, showing her affection for Lee Byung Hun.

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