f(x)’s Amber Rocks Long Locks Thanks to Krystal

f(x)‘s rapper Amber gave her Instagram followers yet another good laugh on July 11 when she posted a video of her wearing what seem to be her band mate Krystal‘s hair extensions.


“I have long hair, thanks Krystal,” Amber posted both in English and Korean together with a video of her lip syncing to their latest song, “Red Light,” while copying Krystal’s dance and as well as her pose on the group’s official album jacket. 

Amber, a self-confessed dork, is known to post funny photos and videos on her personal Instagram account. Coincidentally, the f(x) member who has always sported a short ‘do had also posted a photo of herself with long hair around this time last year.

 f(x) is currently busy promoting their third studio album, “Red Light.”