Lee Hyori Shows Off Her New Short Hairstyle

On July 11, singer Lee Hyori posted on her personal Twitter account, “I cut my hair~ It feels much cooler,” along with a photo of her brand new short hairstyle just in time for the hot summer weather.

In the uploaded photo, Lee Hyori can be seen wearing a sleeveless top and looking off to the side. You can see the transformation in her hair, which used to be long enough to reach her shoulders, is now at the length that reaches her chin, and is styled with wavy curls.

Recently, the singer has been putting up posts and pictures that display her sweet newlywed lifestyle with husband Lee Sang Soon on her very own blog. She has also made her return as “variety queen” known, through a new SBS variety program called “Magic Eye.”

“Magic Eye” airs every Tuesday at 11:15 PM (KST).
lee hyori