After School’s Uee Shows Her Pilates Workout on “Law of the Jungle”

The first episode of SBS’ variety show “Law of the Jungle’s” Indian Ocean special, featuring After School’s Uee, Teen Top’s Niel, Royal PiratesJames, and more, was aired on July 11.

During the broadcast, Uee showed viewers a part of her everyday life and shared, “I don’t really know how to have fun on my days off, so I wake up around 6 AM and go to pilates at 7 AM.”

Then, Uee displayed how she goes about doing her pilates workout. She has been drawing attention for the way she successfully pulls off difficult pilates movements, as well as her extremely flexible and toned figure.

The After School member also made an honest confession, “When I have a schedule, I do it, but when I don’t [have a schedule], I really just stay at home. I don’t wash up for about two days and stay at home. I’m a homebody.”
uee law of the jungle