Kim Sae Ron Overcomes Fear of Heights in New “High School: Love On” Stills

Teen actress Kim Sae Ron’s dedication to her role was seen in the newest stills from the upcoming KBS 2TV Friday drama, “High School: Love On.”

The teen actress, who plays the role of angel Lee Seul Bi with an odd personality, overcame her fear of heights and shot a scene on the rooftop of a building. In the still photos revealed, Kim Sae Ron wears her angel outfit in the drama and sits on the ledge of the rooftop and flashes a smile for the camera as if she’s not scared.

Everyone worried for Kim Sae Ron who had to shoot the scene on top of the building but the teen actress smiled and went on with the shoot without worries. “

“We were supposed to shoot with the safety equipment concealed but the height worried us. Although Kim Sae Ron was scared when she arrived at the shoot, she showed a good performance and energy while shooting. Because of that, she was able to bring to life the character of angel Lee Seul Bi. We’re excited for our first airing,” said a representative present at the scene.

“High School: Love On,” a fantasy, coming-of-age drama, tells the story of an angel that becomes human after trying to save a male high school student from danger. The drama aired its first episode on July 11 on KBS.

Kim Sae Ron