Dynamic Duo Confirmed as Hosts for “SNL Korea”

Choiza and Gaeko of Dynamic Duo have been chosen as the hosts for an upcoming episode of the popular TV show “SNL Korea.”

According to news reports released on July 12, the two will be the main hosts of the episode set to air on July 19.

“Dynamic Duo’s Choiza and Gaeko are preparing various comical acts for ‘SNL Korea,’ including a self-dissing session,” a source in the industry commented, and added, “They are currently in the process of inviting surprise guests that will join Dynamic Duo on stage.”

“It has not been decided whether or not Choiza will talk about his dating scandal on the show. If not in a direct way, then he is likely to touch on the topic indirectly,” the source concluded.

Choiza was recently caught up in a small scandal with f(x)‘s Sulli, when the rapper’s wallet got stolen and the photos inside were released online. Last September, the two were captured on film holding hands and acting like a couple, but the rumors of them being in a relationship were soon denied by their agencies.

In related news, the main host of “SNL Korea” on July 12 was Moon Hee Jun, who entertained the audience with his witty comments and skillful wordplay.