Which Celebrities Began Their Careers After Becoming Famous as an ‘Ulzzang?’

It is known that there are quite a few celebrities in the entertainment industry that kicked off their careers as actors or singers after receiving recognition as being an ‘ulzzang,’ which is a word used by Korean youth to mean ’best face,’ or an extremely good looking person.

Some of these ‘ulzzang’ celebrities who gained a lot of popularity through the Internet before entering the entertainment industry, including actresses Goo Hye Sun, Park Han Byul, Nam Sang Mi, as well as After School’s Jooyeon, are currently still actively promoting and receiving love from the public. Beginning in the early 2000s, these four were classified as being a part of a group known as “The 4th Generation Ulzzangs,” and were extremely well known to those in their teens.

The way in which these ulzzang became famous was by taking a picture of themselves, also known as a ‘selca,’ and posting in onto an online community. Although they were just regular students at the time, they shot to stardom when their photos began spreading and gaining recognition.

Through the ‘ulzzang syndrome’ in the early 2000s, Goo Hye Sun, Park Han Byul, Nam Sang Mi, and more, were able to start their acting careers at a young age.

Another famous celebrity ulzzang is singer Jung Joon Young, who even appeared on a cable channel television program dedicated to ulzzangs called “Ulzzang Generation,” before officially making his debut as a singer after appearing on Mnet’s audition program “Superstar K.”
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