Super Junior’s Heechul and Puff Kuo Come to the End of Their Marriage on “We Got Married”

Super Junior’s Heechul and Taiwanese singer Puff Kuo have ended their run as a virtual couple on the July 12 broadcast of MBC Every1’s “We Got Married” Global Edition.

During the latest filming of the show, viewers were able to see Heechul break away from his playful, teasing nature and transform into a romantic husband on the couple’s last date together.

Heechul prepared a bicycle date for the two of them to enjoy, which is what Puff Kuo had previously mentioned as being something she always wanted to try. Then, in a video message to his wife, Heechul confessed that he was very happy during their time together. After watching the video and realizing that it was time to say goodbye, Puff Kuo was unable to hold back her tears any longer and told Heechul, “You were always a good guy, not a bad guy.”

heechul puff kuo

Watch a segment of Heechul and Puff Kuo’s final date below!