Kang Sora Gets into a Traffic Accident, Suffers a Neck Injury

It has been belatedly reported that actress Kang So Ra has gotten into a traffic accident.

On July 8, the actress was on her way to film SBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama “Doctor Stranger,” when she got into the accident.

A representative of her agency commented on July 13, “The cars slightly bumped into each other. She does not have to get treated at the hospital, but she felt pain in her neck muscles, and thus she wears a detachable cast around her neck.”

“Everyone at the filming location seemed to be surprised upon seeing her poor physical condition,” the rep said, and added, “Luckily there seem to be no aftereffects.”

On July 11, Kang So Ra started filming the Chinese film version of “Doctor Stranger.” A representative of the drama said, “We were surprised to see Kang So Ra enter with a neck cast. Although she was not seriously injured, she said her neck feels stiff. To everyone’s relief, there was no change to the filming schedule, and she showed her regular bright image on set.”