YG’s B.I and Bobby Pass 2nd Round of Audition in “Show Me the Money 3”

YG trainees Bobby and B.I have never given up on their dream and are continuing their pursuit to prove themselves as rappers as they joined the rapper survival program, “Show Me the Money 3.”

Both B.I and Bobby have advanced to the second round of auditions for the show and in the July 10 airing of Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 3,” the two rappers, who were part of Team B at WHO IS NEXT: WIN, the survival program for the rookie boy band who later became “Winner,” have showed off their rapping skills in front of a group of esteemed rappers and producers including Tablo, Masta Wu, Dok2, The Quiett, Swings, San E, and Yang Dong Geun, as well as to the other rookie rappers who were also trying out their luck.

When Bobby climbed up the stage, he was asked about the YG CEO’s opinion of him joining the show. “President Yang Hyun Suk told me to pack up my bags if I don’t win,” said Bobby before starting his performance. Although Bobby had a powerful start, two of the four teams of producers put off their light early on in the rapper’s performance; however, this didn’t deter him from doing his best. By the end of his performance, the team of Tablo and Masta Wu and Dok2 and The Quiett have given him the golden “PASS” sign. “If you don’t want to pack up your bags, then you have to do a little bit better than this,” advised Tablo.

On the other hand, B.I’s second round of auditions went much better than his co-trainee Bobby as the rapper received an all pass from all four teams of producers. B.I gained attention in his performance as he dissed some of the producers who also acted as judges at the show. Rapper San E said, “His rap wherein he goes against us was impressive.” “I wasn’t anticipating his performance but it was better than I expected,” said Swings. Dok2 praised B.I, saying “His rap was better than Bobby’s.”

Expect to see more of the YG trainees B.I and Bobby, the two rappers from Team B, in the upcoming episodes of Show Me the Money 3.