At 52 kgs, After School’s Nana Reveals She Has Gained Weight on “Roommate”

On the July 13 broadcast of the SBS variety program, “Roommate,” the roommates had the chance to step on the scale and reveal their weight. 

After roommates Park Min Woo and Seo Kang Joon checked how they fared on the scale, comedian Jo Se Ho who couldn’t help but be curious of Nana‘s weight also asked the singer to step on the scale. “I gained some weight lately,” said the After School member as she stepped on the scale.

To the roommates’ surprise, Nana weighed a mere 52 kgs (115 lbs); however, the latter was disappointed to confirm her assumption that she gained weight. Park Bom chimed in, “I (weigh) more than that,” and suggested, “What shall we do if it goes past that (Nana’s weight)? Let’s have some sort of gift,” making the roommates laugh.

Meanwhile, Jo Se Ho who has started on his diet revealed that he weighs 85 kg. “I will lose 10 kg,” he promised.

Roommate Nana scale