K.Will Sweats at the Sight of His High School Photos

Many people dread seeing old, unflattering photos from their elementary and high school days and singer K.Will is no exception.

On the July 13 broadcast of the MBC show “Section TV Entertainment News,” K.Will’s old high school photo was revealed much to the surprise of the singer.

“People around me ask whether I had my nose done and I wonder, who on Earth would have his nose done and still end up like mine,” said K.Will.

Reporter Park Seul Ki mentioned that since there aren’t that much photos of K.Will available, a lot of people are doubting whether the singer had surgery done on his face or not and then she revealed the photo from the singer’s high school days and surprised K.Will.

“How did you find this?” K.Will said as sweat started to build up on his face, making the host laugh.

Meanwhile, K.Will is currently busy promoting his newest song, “Day 1,” off his fifth mini album , “One Fine Day.”

 K.Will old photo