Park Min Young Wishes to Act Alongside Actor Josh Hartnett

On the July 13 broadcast of the MBC show “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” actress Park Min Young dished about her future plans and the actor that she wants to work with next. 

When asked about the next actor that she wants to act alongside with, the actress, who has worked with top Korean actors Lee Min Ho, Song Seung Hun, and Park Yoochun, looked far and chose American actor Josh Hartnett.

“His deep and sexy eyes and his piercing stare is very attractive,” said Park Min Young on the reason she chose the actor. 

Park Min Young, who has recently appeared in the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “A New Leaf,” also talked about her plans for her upcoming projects. “I’m currently preparing for my next project. I hope everyone can see it within this year,” said Park Min Young.

Park Min Young, Josh Hartnett