“Roommates” Experience Tension Over Dirty Dishes

Shin Sung Woo, the so-called mother of “Roommates,” had a difficult time controlling his emotions as fellow members had not completed their assigned chores.

On the July 13 episode of the show, Shin Sung Woo returned from running errands when he was shocked by the messy state that their common kitchen had gotten into. Seeing the piles of leftover food and unwashed dishes caused him to open up about his feelings. 

He said, “I felt very bad. It is a must in daily life [to do house chores],” and expressed his disappointment with the others’ lack of initiative.

Park Min Woo suggested, “We will take care of the dishes with the people who had meals,” but Shin Sung Woo was not satisfied with the answer, and said with a serious tone, “As I said before, you should clean up right after eating. You forgot again. I will not say anything anymore.”

Seeing their “mother” open up about the situation, Hong Soo Hyun asked Park Min Woo to do the dishes. Park Min Woo expressed his regret over not listening to Shin Sung Woo, and said, “I am slowly taking his words to my heart.”