Haru Cries Thinking About Dad Tablo’s Safety on “Superman Returns”

A child’s love for her father cannot be denied. Even though Lee Haru is still young, the four-year-old daughter of Epik High‘s Tablo has captured the hearts of many for her sincere and touching expression of love for her father.

During the filming of the upcoming episode of the KBS 2TV variety show “Superman Returns,” the father and daughter tandem went on a trip to Yangpyeong.

While on the train, the two engaged in a fun and imaginative conversation starting with Haru talking about them catching a catfish and either making spicy stew with it or taking care of it in their home.

While talking, Haru had a wild thought: “Shall we eat a dolphin?” Tablo gently answered his daughter, “Dolphins are our friends so let’s just catch a shark and eat it,” and started to make Haru laugh. But Haru’s imagination even went further and tears soon started to form in the kid’s eyes. “No~ I think Dad will lose (to the shark),” Haru showed genuine concern for her father, Tablo.

Tablo, who was moved by her daughter who thinks of her father’s welfare, said to Haru, “Dad will win over the shark for you~.” However, even with Tablo’s assurance, Haru was still worried and continued saying, “No~ Even so, I think you’ll lose.”

See how Tablo manages to make Haru assured that he won’t lose to the sharks on the upcoming episode of “Superman Returns” which will air on July 13, 4:10 p.m.

Tablo Haru