Park Myung Soo to Team Up with Lim Kim for New Track

Comedian Park Myung Soo is set to release a new single on July 16, which will see him collaborate with singer Lim Kim (also known as Kim Ye Rim). The duet will be entitled “Myung Soo’s Tteokbokki,” and its title is a reference to a kind of spicy rice cake street food snack popular among young Koreans.

The track will represent another in a series of collaborations with top female K-pop talent for the funnyman. In 2009, he released another food-related track called “Naengymun” (neangmyun is a noodle dish served in cold broth), with Girls’ Generation star Jessica. He also released a song called “Whale” with former Kara member Nicole in 2010.

A representative for Park Myung Soo told the media, “This new track will give fans the chance to hear how he has developed as a musician.”

Lim Kim, meanwhile, has also had a busy summer, and also features on the latest mini album release from Kim Hyun Joong, where she lends her vocal skills to the song, “His Habit.”