BEAST to Put On Special Performance for Fans in Celebration of 11 Music Show Wins During “Good Luck” Promotions

On the latest broadcast of SBS’ “Inkigayo” on July 13, BEAST took home their 11th first place trophy with their title song “Good Luck.” BEAST has been put into the spotlight as being a group that is hard to find in the music industry these days, after sweeping music show wins for the past month.

Ahead of their comeback, BEAST put out a pre-release ballad track “No More,” with which they received first place, setting an record for three number one pre-release tracks in a row. Then, they took charge of the top spot on every music program after ranking high on music charts, even recording an exceptional perfect score more than once.

Also, BEAST earned a triple crown on KBS’ “Music Bank,” and won first for four consecutive weeks on MBC’s “Show! Music Core,” proving their immense popularity.

In order to thank fans for their love and support in achieving 11 music show wins, BEAST has prepared a gift for fans in the form of a special stage, where they will be performing the Korean version of “Sad Movie.” This track was originally released as a Japanese track and is said to have ranked high on the Oricon chart for a long time.

You can look forward to the special performance of “Sad Movie,” set to be revealed on music shows during the third week of July.