Lee Jung Jin and miss A’s Fei Share a Look Full of Desire for “Temptation”

A new teaser image for the upcoming SBS drama “Temptation” was released, with Lee Jung Jin and Fei of miss A sharing a look full of desire.

In the image released, Lee Jung Jin and Fei romantically looks into each other’s eyes. Lee Jung Jin will play Kang Min Woo, a man who has everything, while Fei will play Jenny, a singer. In “Temptation,” Kang Min Woo falls in love with Jenny while visiting Hong Kong. According to staff on set, Lee Jung Jin and Fei were very much like lovers while shooting, joking and being very close with each other.

“Temptation” is Fei’s acting debut, and stars Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo in the lead roles. The drama will premiere on SBS on July 14.

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