Infinite Releases a Classy Behind-the-Scenes Teaser for “Be Back”

Boy group Infinite released a classy teaser video for their upcoming comeback single, “Be Back“. 

A behind-the-scenes video for their music video for “Be Back”, the teaser video shows the seven members of the popular boy group in sophisticated black and white, standing in a dry outdoor shooting location. 

“Be Back” is one of two songs to be released in a repackaged version of the group’s second studio album, “Season 2.” According to the agency, both of the songs are in the genre Infinite has never tried before, with a focus on string instruments and an orchestral session.

Infinite’s upcoming single “Be Back” will be released on July 22. 

The seven-member boy group will also be holding their solo concert soon. Titled “That Summer 2“, their solo concert will take place between August 7 to August 10, then August 14 to August 16 at the Bluesquare Samsung Card Hall, with numerous Infinite fans expected to be in attendance.

Check out their latest behind the scenes video for “Be Back” below, and keep an eye out for the official release of the single!