Original JYP Family Shows Loyalty: Park Jin Young, Rain, and g.o.d Reunite at g.o.d’s Reunion Concert

Singer and producer Park Jin Young, singer and actor Rain, and the nation’s group g.o.d have come together once again at g.o.d’s 15th anniversary reunion concert to show their close friendship.

On July 14, g.o.d’s oldest member Park Joon Hyung posted on his personal Instagram account, “With the original JYP FAMILY at our concert! I’m always thankful, Jin Young & Ji Hoon! OG JYP Family #g.o.d #JYP & lil bro #Rain! #kpop #Korea #g.o.dconcert,” along with a photo of the entire group.

In the uploaded picture, you can see Park Jin Young and Rain, who were at the reunion concert to show their support, huddled close together with all five members of g.o.d, smiling and posing for the camera. The heartwarming photo displays their ongoing bond and unchanged friendship from the times they shared together, as a part of the JYP family in the past.

Meanwhile, g.o.d successfully wrapped up the Seoul leg of their national 15th anniversary reunion tour on July 12 and 13, and will be heading to Gwangju, Busan, Daegu, and Daejeon, to open up a total of eight concerts.