Henry Shows His Humble Side and Says that He’s Not a Genius

Henry, who is called a “musical genius” by many for his talents, admitted that he is far from being a genius.

In an interview conducted before his comeback performance of “Fantastic” on “KBS Music Bank“, Henry said that contrary to popular beliefs, he is not a musical genius.

On his multiple musical talents, he said, “I have a lot of things I can do, but I am bad at all of them. The only thing I was decent at was English, but even that I am beginning to forget. Now I use Korean more, and sometimes I can’t remember some words in English. It’s frustrating.” 

He also brought up his previous awards for his musical talents when he was a child, adding humorously, “I was good when I was little. But my abilities now are the same as then. So I can’t say I’m a genius. I have to keep on practicing, but I have military service to do…” 

On his future plans, Henry said that he wants to try his hand at musicals and soundtracks, showing his ambitions for music. 

Henry recently released his second solo mini album with his title track “Fantastic” and is participating in the MBC reality TV variety show “Real Men.”

Thanks to KK for the tip!