Hyungdon & Daejun Releases a Hilarious Music Video for “Park You”

Comedic music duo Hyungdon & Daejun are getting ready for a comeback with a pre-release track, “Park You.”

“Park You”‘s hilarious music video reflects the duo’s background in comedy, styled in a karaoke video style. The song also has nonsensical but humorous lyrics which the duo is well-known for. 

This new song will be included in their upcoming third full album. It has actually been one and a half years since their last album release, so it is great to see them back performing on stage again.

Hyungdon and Daejun are the MCs of popular cable music show “Weekly Idol.” They are both popular entertainers in their own rights, with Hyungdon on long-running variety program “Infinity Challenge” and Daejun on “1 Night 2 Days.” 

Check out the music video for “Park You” below!