Camera Tents of “Superman Returns” Explained

Have you ever wondered about what it’s like inside those camera tents on popular KBS variety program “Superman Returns“? 

Recently, the producer of “Superman Returns” offered some more details on the ongoing behind the mysterious tents that make appearance on every episode of “Superman Returns.” As viewers have caught on earlier on, the tents house cameramen who shoot footage of everyday lives of the children on the hit show. 

Since they are filming young children who are not accustomed to being followed by cameramen, keeping the cameramen hidden seems to be the best way to keep the young stars acting naturally.

Initially, these tents started out with cardboard boxes, but have now evolved into the cute-looking tents they are now. 

Producer Kang Bong Kyu said that once a cameraman is inside a tent, they have to stay there for three to four hours without leaving. The staff members take turns to go into the tent throughout shooting. When it’s meal time, they would sneak in food to eat while shooting. 

As the difficulty of entering and remaining still in these small structures are different, the placement of cameramen depends on how old the cameramen are. The youngest cameraman will normally have to go into the box, while the eldest would be in charge of the automated cameras. 

“Superman Returns” recently welcomed a new family, as actor Song Il Gook joined the show with his triplets.