G.NA Marks Four-Year Anniversary with Congratulatory Message and Photo

Solo star G.NA has celebrated the fourth anniversary of her debut with a congratulatory message posted via her official Instagram page. The photo shows the star sitting on a sofa, surrounded by colorful party balloons and in front of a cake adorned with a candle in the shape of the number 4.

G.Na anniversary

The photo was accompanied by the message tags, “G.NA; 4 year; thank you; I love you!”

This month indeed marks the fourth anniversary of G.NA’s debut release, the mini album, “Draw G’s First Breath,” which included her breakthrough track, “I’ll Back off So You Can Live Better,” featuring BEAST’s Junghyun. She has also registered success with songs such as “Top Girl” and “2Hot.” Her most recent release was “G.NA’s Secret,” a hit for the star in May this year.