Dal Shabet’s Serri Dazzles in Gym Workout Video

Dal Shabet leader Serri has been showing off her workout skills in the latest episode of web-based video reality series, “Shabet on Air,” posted by the girl group’s talent agency, Happy Face Entertainment.

Episode 18 of the show follows Serri as she sets off for the gym, where she is put through her paces by a personal trainer. The workout sees her stretching, lifting weights and kettle bells, as well as doing a range of other exercises. She finishes off her workout with some speed-walking and a run.

During the video, she says, “It’s hard to keep smiling while I’m working out, but as Dal Shabet’s fans are watching today, I will make a special effort.”

Previous episodes of “Shabet on Air” have shown members of the group on shopping excursions and preparing for performances.