Check Out Shin Hye Sung and Lyn’s Remake of Shin Hye Sung’s “Buen Camino”

On July 15, part one of Shin Hye Sung’s celebratory remake project “Once Again” was released, featuring a revamp on his old bossa nova hit “Buen Camino” from his first solo album.

The original was a duet with singer Kang Su Ji, but this time around, the Shinhwa member joined forces with Lyn, with whom he has worked before. A lyric music video was released for the song, as well. Watch it below:

Following up on “Buen Camino,” Shin Hye Sung will be releasing a new remake project song every month, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of his solo debut. 

Here’s the original “Buen Camino,” featuring Kang Su Ji: