Kim Tae Woo’s Daughter Is a Spitting Image of Her Father

On June 29, g.o.d. member Kim Tae Woo celebrated his second daughter’s first birthday on the “floating island” in Banpo, Seoul. The party was attended by friends and family, including many entertainers; in particular, his fellow g.o.d. members made time to drop by despite their busy schedules.

After the ceremony Kim Tae Woo released a photo of his daughter Kim So Yool dressed in hanbok for the party, causing many to remark on the resemblance between the two. After uploading the pictures to his twitter account, Kim Tae Woo tweeted “Many people are worried because my daughter looks like me, but as she grows she is becoming prettier.”

In her picture, cute So Yool wears the hanbok with striped sleeves and cap that are traditionally worn by girls on their first birthdays. Comparing her face with that of a picture of her father in his youth, it is impossible to deny the similarity between the two.

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