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In celebration of Soompi hosting the Seoul International Drama Awards 2014, we’ve invited some fans to wax poetic about their favorite stars and dramas. Here is Soompi Forums moderator LavelyShai to bring you some of her favorite scenes from the Outstanding Korean Drama Prize (Drama) nominated “Good Doctor” starring Joo WonMoon Chae Wonand Joo Sang Wook.

Eun Ok Gets Adopted


Remember when she was sent to the pediatric department? One of the most memorable characters is little Eun Ok who touched many people around her. It was such a tearful moment when another patient’s parents decided to take her home. Before the show ended, we saw how she was doing with her new family. I’m tearing up just writing about this.

Any Scene with the Kids

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It’s hard to pick one scene because any scene that these children were in just made my day. Whether it was them really getting to know Park Shi On or working to help Eun Ok fit in, these kids really were like the stars of this show. 

Park Shi On Becomes a Pediatric Surgeon


After all his hard work during his residency, Shi On finally becomes a doctor and it shows that hard work does pay off. He faced ridicule and people trying to throw him under the bus in order to become a good doctor to his patients and a good friend/colleague. 

Cha Yoon Seo Introduces Shi On To Her Friends


After Shi On and Yoon Seo officially became a couple, Yoon Seo’s friends wanted to meet him. She was unsure of how her friends would perceive him, but they ended up loving him and approved of him being with Yoon Seo.

Kim Do Han and Yoo Chae Kyung Make Up


This drama did something interesting: they chose to keep the second leads together and didn’t have either one pining for the main leads.  Do Han and Chae Kyung took a break, and then they made up when he was hospitalized for a stab wound. Their make up scene was very sweet and showed that both just needed to see why they were together in the first place.

“Good Doctor” was a heart-warming drama with a lot of memorable scenes. What were some of your favorite moments from “Good Doctor”?

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