Boys Republic Drops Comic Teaser for “Dress Pretty and Come Out”

Boys Republic has uploaded a “comic version” teaser video for the forthcoming track, “Dress Pretty and Come Out,” to the group’s official YouTube channel. The song will make up part of the boy band’s forthcoming comeback release, the second part of the “Fantasy Trilogy.”

In the video, member Suwoong is shown on the telephone, arranging to meet his “girlfriend.” We hear him address the woman as “Suzy.” Perhaps expecting a “Suzy” similar to the Miss A star of the same name, the rest of the band is stunned to see that Suwoong’s “love interest” is in fact the larger-than-life comedienne, Lee Su Ji

The fact that the teaser is labeled as a “version” could suggest that there could, potentially, be more to video teasers come as the countdown in earnest to the release begins. The group has been active in the build-up to this comeback, uploading individual member teaser videos and photos.

Boys Republic_teaser video

The new mini album drops on July 25, and Boys Republic is also set to represent Korea at MTV‘s World Stage Malaysia 2014 event, to be held on August 16.