BEAST’s Yoseob Talks About the Secrets of His Physical Appearance

To wrap up BEAST‘s “Showtime” in a memorable way, member Yoseob shared some interesting details about his physical traits.

On the final episode of the show that aired on July 17, the members gathered around a campfire to look back at the previous episodes. As the show has been a part of their daily lives for three months, they shared which moment they would like to relive if given the chance.

Junhyung opened up about his experience, “I am the only one who revealed a lot of things on ‘Showtime.’ I want the rest of you to share something for the first time,” and encouraged the others to surprise the viewers with previously unheard facts.

Hearing this, Yoseob decided to reveal a series of secrets about himself, and said, “I have a big birthmark behind my neck, I have many calluses on my hands, my legs are not hairy at all, and I can’t grow a proper beard.” Unfortunately, the members were not impressed by his confessions.

Yoseob continued, “To be honest, I don’t wear shoe lifts. I have nothing inside my shoes,” and took off his shoe to prove his claim true. Even the producers were surprised over his sudden confession, and Yoseob expressed, “Why are you surprised over such things. So weird,” causing others to burst in laughter.