f(x) Wins on M!Countdown This Week with “Red Light”

f(x) took their second music show win for “Red Light” today on M!Countdown. It was an dominant win as they nearly doubled the score of this week’s runner up, K.Will‘s “Day 1.

A good start so far for f(x). Do you think they will be able to sweep all the wins this weekend?


 Check out today’s performances!

f(x) – “Red Light” (Sulli was absent due to being sick)

NU’EST – “Good Bye Bye”

B1A4 – “Glass of Water” & “Solo Day”

Taeyang – “Eyes, Nose, Lips”

Got7 – “A”

AOA – “Short Hair”

Hyomin – “Nice Body”

Eddy Kim – “Darling”

Jung Joon Young – “Teenager”

100% – “U Beauty”

History – “Psycho”

Skull – Deh Pon Top

Parc Jae Jung – Intro & “Ice Ice Baby”

Lucky J – “Can You Hear Me?”

J-Min – “After”

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