After School’s Uee Hurt During “Law of the Jungle: Indian Ocean” Filming

After School member Uee has been hurt while filming the latest episode of SBS reality show “Law of the Jungle: Indian Ocean.” 

The star has been taking part in the show, whereby celebrities are sent to remote islands in the Indian Ocean and divided into “tribes.” These tribes are then asked to complete challenges and fend for themselves in often hostile surroundings.

During the filming of the most recent episode of the show, however, there was a frightening moment for Uee, which followed a day of drama for the star. The tribe was beset with problems during the entire day of shooting, as their plastic shelter seemed in danger of being washed away by the tide. They were also running low on food.

After a foraging trip, the tribe managed to find some fruit growing on trees, and were enjoying their find when a huge wave swept through their camp, knocking the After School member off her feet. Although Uee received first aid, she appeared to recover quickly from her injuries, and even made inquiries as to the well-being of the rest of her tribe.

Fellow tribe member and popular comedian Kim Byung Man has praised Uee for her survival skills, and has even made a nickname for her, referring to her as a “pretty version of [TV survivalist] Bear Grylls.”

The episode will make up part of the broadcast set to be aired on July 18 at 10pm.