[To:ur Imagination] Event 1: How to Apply for a Free Trip to Korea

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You’ve always wanted to visit Korea, and recently saw BIGBANG’s announcement encouraging you to apply for a free trip to the country this fall, but for some reason you were short on time and thought you’ll fill this out later.. when you have the time.

You know what? We’ve all been there, bookmarking articles to read at a later time and soon realize.. ‘Ah! The deadline already passed.. Gosh, darn.’

For all the K-Pop and K-Drama lovers out there, this opportunity is too good to pass up! Heck, if you want a free getaway trip to another country this deal is a steal. There will be a total of eight winners and each will get to bring a companion (family, friend, or.. stranger too) for the 4 days and 3 nights trip. Accommodations will be provided as well as 500,000 Won worth of “Korea Pass” cards, which is an all-in-one travel card used for transportation, shopping purchases, tourist attraction entrance fees, etc.

And if you think the odds are against you, it still doesn’t hurt to try! Other prizes include 2 iPad Mini Retinas, 3 MCM backpacks, and 30 BIGBANG autographed DVDs.

kto prize

Whether you’re short on time or think the steps are complicated, we’ll show you here just how quick this whole process is in 5 easy steps.

STEP 1: Go to the official site: http://www.tourimagination.com/

STEP 2: Sign up for buzz KOREA

article 2_ tour imagination site

article 2_ buzz korea sign up v 2

article 2_ buzz korea sign up complete

What it looks like when it’s complete

 STEP 3: Go back to http://tourimagination.com & scroll until you see

article 2_ apply here


STEP 4: Fill out the application form

03_sub_ event1_application

04_sub_ event1_check application

Almost there!

article 2_ apply done

What it looks like when it’s complete

STEP 5: Done! Just got to wait until September 15 for the winners announcement. ^^

Also, a tip to increase your chances of getting picked!

Go to http://tourimagination.com and scroll down to “Celebrity To:ur Imagination” for inspiration. Each of the four celebrities will take you on a small journey showing the different sides and locations of South Korea. Write a meaningful, fun, memorable, or even a romantic activity you’d like to experience in a specific location in the section below!

03_sub_ event1_application 3

Now, are you ready to imagine?

Apply Now!

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