Tiny-G’s Dohee: “Our Agency Monitored Our Comings and Goings by CCTV”

Tiny-G member Dohee has revealed that living together with the rest of the group in dormitories run by the girl group’s talent agency posed the group challenges in the past. The star was speaking on the July 17 edition of Mnet talk show, “Dirty Talk,” where she appeared along with fellow member Mint.

The star explained that in the early days of the group, she struggled to come to terms with the strict measures put in place by the group’s talent agency.

Dohee told the show, “The agency always checked our comings and goings using their CCTV system. They also knew about it if we ever had food delivered at night. It was quite inconvenient for us at first.”

When the show’s host, Kim Gura, asked if Dohee found this “checking” to be intrusive in any way, Dohee answered, “At first, it was quite difficult to understand why K-pop idol groups have to live together in this way.”

Tiny-G is currently enjoying the success of the group’s latest release, “Ice Baby,” released earlier this month. You can check out the latest edition of “Dirty Talk,” featuring Tiny-G’s Dohee and Mint here.