Choi Jin Hyuk Tells Ceci Magazine: “I’m a Shy Guy”

Actor Choi Jin Hyuk has taken part in an interview and photo shoot for Ceci magazine. The “Gu Family Book” star told the publication about his personality, his taste in friends and acquaintances, and emphasized how important honesty is for him.

He explained, “I am usually quite a shy person, but after I become close to someone, I get a lot more talkative.”

Choi Jin Hyuk added, “I think politeness is very important in human relationships. I can’t get on with people who are not courteous. I get on very well with anyone I find it easy to talk to.”

Choi Jin Hyuk2

The actor also spoke of how he feels about alcohol, and revealed that he has only started drinking relatively recently. He said, “It has been only two or three years since I started, but I can now realize that having a drink or two with friends can actually be quite fun.”