AOA’s Seolhyun Looks Like a Doll in a Sweet and Colorful Pictorial for CeCi

Girl group AOA’s Seolhyun transformed into a lovely ‘candy girl’ for a refreshingly sweet photo shoot with CeCi magazine in the most recent issue for the month of August.

In this pictorial, Seolhyun is drawing attention for looking youthful and appearing like a doll-like goddess, as she poses in a colorful and lively atmosphere. The unveiled photos display the AOA member successfully pulling off various makeup trends, such as a vivid hot pink lip color, bright coral cheeks, and beautiful long eyelashes that resemble those of a doll.

Seolhyun makes use of a number of different food props, including lollipops and an ice cream bar, making her distinctive sweet and lovely charms stand out even more.

The full pictorial can be found in the August issue of CeCi magazine, but you can check out a few of the cuts below!
seolhyun seolhyun 3 seolhyun