Yoona Graces the Cover of Fashion Magazine Sure

Girls’ Generation member Yoona has landed on the August cover for fashion magazine Sure.

Yoona, who is busy with fulfilling her busy schedule by traveling between Japan, China and Korea, did a photo shoot in a quiet studio in Itaewon. While always displaying serious facial expressions or doing chic poses, Yoona ended up comfortably smiling. Yoona was said to have enjoyed the pictures that contained natural parts of her daily life, and she was actively immersed in the filming as she meticulously monitored herself.

All of a sudden, it is Yoona’s eighth year in the industry. While her flexible image is the same as ever, an aura of an actress whose expressions and emotions have deepened to the next level is mixing with her image. You can see Yoona’s “ordinary” and natural beauty on the cover of Sure’s August edition and in the “Dreaming Daylights” pictorial.





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