“We Got Married” Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min Celebrate Their 100 Day Anniversary

On-screen couple Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min enjoyed an unforgettable dinner in celebration of their 100 day anniversary, which is an important milestone for all young couples in Korea.

During the filming of an upcoming episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” the two went to a romantic restaurant and had the recommended course meal. The couple was taken by the restaurant’s charming ambiance, and in the beautifully lit room, they shared their thoughts on the evening.

Nam Goong Min revealed, “I feel like a character in a drama,” and hearing this, Hong Jin Young suggested they act out an imaginary scene of a romantic TV show. After acting like a rich businessman and a poor secretary, they went on to switch roles, completely immersing themselves in the fun and experimental mood.

This episode will air on July 19 at 5PM (KST).

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