“Show Me the Money 3” Participants Criticize the Show’s Editing

Mnet‘s hip-hop competition “Show Me the Money 3” is being heavily criticized by the show’s own participants for its editing.

On the July 17 broadcast, participants Tarae and Kim Hyo Eun battled each other in a 1:1 rap battle. 

After the performance, judges Swings, The Quiett, and Tablo chose Kim Hyo Eun. Tarae was shown leaving the set while Tablo was giving feedback. 

While leaving, Tarae angrily said, “This was a competition to pick rappers with potential. It’s my mistake,” adding, “why did I lose against someone who forgot their lyrics? Have a good life.” After his remark, he was shown getting on a taxi and leaving the building. 

On Tarae’s behavior, Swings said, “work on your rap first. You’re ****ing bad at rapping.” 

After the broadcast, viewers were unimpressed by Tarae’s behavior, to which Tarae took to his Facebook account for clarification.

On July 18, Tarae posted on his Facebook: “The show makes me look like I have no manners. Do you think I left while judges were talking, really? You made me look like an immature adult. The staff grabbed me and kept asking me to say something, and despite trying really hard to not blow up, I said what I was thinking. But they edited it so it looked like I said those words to the judges. This is too much…” At the end of the post, he repeated, “Would I really leave while someone’s talking. This is frustrating.” 

Another participant Snacky Chan voiced his concern, as he said on Twitter: “I couldn’t see today’s broadcast, but apparently I come off as really rude? Hahaha. I’m a victim to the devil’s editing! But anything for love and war!” 

Participant Kim Sung Hee who caused a stir for criticizing the judges’ behavior also had something more to say. “I thought the judges’ lack of respect for the participants and the atmosphere that made it feel like a kid’s talent show were not suitable for a rap competition, so I brought it up. The long conversation we had was edited out, and the only the provoking part and Tablo saying it’s a misunderstanding was included. Tablo listened to what I had to say and respected my wishes but that part wasn’t aired.”

To the participants’ criticism, the producers of “Show Me the Money 3” has only announced that there was no bad intent in their editing, and that they were regretful that the participants felt this way. 

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