Orange Caramel Preparing to Make Surprise Comeback in August

After School’s sub-unit group Orange Caramel is set to make their return to the music stage once again!

On July 19, a music industry representative told Star News, “Orange Caramel will release a new single album and begin promotions this August.” It has been about five months since the sub-unit made a comeback with “Catallena” earlier this year in March.

The rep also revealed that the members of Orange Caramel have already wrapped up recording for the upcoming single and are currently making preparations for the new choreography as well as the music video filming.

Since the group’s debut as a sub-unit of After School, they have continued to hold their position in the industry through their unique yet absurd concepts, entertaining many music listeners. They have received consistent love from fans since 2010 with the release of addicting and catchy songs including “Magic Girl,” “Shanghai Romance,” “Bangkok City,” and “Lipstick.”

Orange Caramel is once again raising people’s curiosity for their new concept, as a sub-unit group that has always managed to exceed everyone’s expectations.